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Cavorting With Kevorkian
My homage to Dr. Death (now running for Congress!), recorded in 1996
Podcasts - Comedy
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Andy Senior
1994, 1996
March 14, 2008
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Story behind the song
I wrote the song in 1994 when Jack Kevorkian was in the news--and now that he's back in the news (as a Congressional Candidate!) I had to trot it out again.
She's gone--my life is over 'cause she's gone; There's just no way that I can carry on: How can I linger? I can't smile; I'll settle things in '90s style; I'll call on that funny old duffer Who can end everything that I suffer: Who his my bag? I've got to pack I've got a date with Dr. Jack-- I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian; He's heard my tale of pain and woe And he agrees--it's time to go-- I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian; He knows my baby left me; He know why I feel blue-- And so the Doctor told me, "I know what I would do, If I were you." And so there isn't any doubt: I've got my funeral suit picked out-- I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian. Oh, Doc--my baby's been so mean-- Break out your Suicide Machine; I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian; Just look at every hope I've lost-- Start piping in that car exhaust; I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian; He knows my heart is broken-- That it can never mend; And so the Doctor told me, "A quick and painless end Is YOU, my friend." So on that matter I've been sold-- Can't wait until my body's cold; I'll go Cavorting With Kevorkian!
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