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Like You (Sample) [Prod. By 2Faced Beats]
Get at me if you wanna do the second verse to this.
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #281
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #149
March 12, 2008
MP3 2.5 MB
128 kbps bitrate
2:41 minutes
Verse 1 : Now you da type of girl that make a thug nippa wanna quit the game a crackhead quit the cane baby tell me whats your name aint tryna come on too strong dont wanna scare you just tryna get cha number or maybe even e-mail you and we can take it slow, wateva makes you comfy whats good for you is good for me, do it like 1 - 2 - 3 you my genie in a bottle wanna rub you up but not now maybe later, maybe we can do dat next but for now its just sweet talk dialling digits, sending messages, hope you read my last thought girl its 08, time for love not for hate set into the hippies of the seventies mindstate think of our relationship as a drugfiend im your crackpipe just blow on me and I fufil your dreams im just messin wit chu babygirl now tell me how you really feel, tell me if this thing is real
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