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Watching young boys grow up into men. From the point of view of an older man.
Peak #111
Peak in subgenre #11
Kevin & Elizabeth Mattingly
SRu000210414 (1991-05-16)
March 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
Observations about the younger new people at work. Giving advice when asked about what was going on at work. Watching our (Betsy's) young sons grow up into men.
COWTOWN – M – D Music: Kevin Mattingly 1991 / Lyrics: Betsy & Kevin Mattingly 1999 Cowtown that way I’m bound I’ve been herding doggies To a place that’s shady < Near Montgomery Texas > M < Near Drippin Texas > D Where a train is waiting This old boy will be rolling down tonight Cowtown this is my town Yeah the boys are squawking The cards are shady But that’s just talk Cause there’s a sheriff waiting These young boys will be shuffling the cards tonight Chorus: < An old cowboy he’s been riding saddle < Rode through storms that shattered the deserts void < Young cowboys they’ve been driving cattle < Wind Rain Dust they’ve battled < There’s just one joy Cowtown least ways I’ve found Well I heard them talking Cowboys get crazy But I just got myself A painted lady This old boy will be waltzing down tonight Cowtown look whats come round Well we herded the doggies At the railway station < Near Montgomery Texas > M < Near Drippin Texas > D Now that train ain’t waiting These cowboys will be stepping out tonight Chorus: < An old cowboy he’s been riding saddle < repeat Cowtown there’s a son down You could hear us singing Amazing Grace So hold him Lord Until the judgement day Could be a heavenly cowboy is dancing round tonight ==================================================== The Library of Congress United States Copyright Office Registration Number: PA0000978635 / Date: 2000-10-06 Registration Number: SR0000300426 / Date: 2000-10-06 Registration Number: SRu000210414 / Date: 1991-05-16
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