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I Only Want To Love You Forever - (gary Lumpkin)
a Fabulous upbeat duet with great vocalist and musician Gary Lumpkin from Nashville
Country - Country and Western
Charts #145 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Previous peak charts position #2
Gary Lumpkin/Jon Philibert/Craig Baguley
(c) 2007My Three Kids Music (BMI)
November 07, 2009
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2:36 minutes
Story behind the song
Nashville-based singer/writer Gary Lumpkin is Mississippi born, Tennessee raised son of a Baptist ??? minister. The youngest of six children he learned guitar from his father and played country music ??? shows, talent contests and local TV spots during his High School days. Gary formed his first band?at the age of 20 and travelled all over the southern United States playing clubs, honky tonks ??? ??? ??? and? concerts with artists like Cal Smith, Johnny Russell and Sammi Smith. In 1979, he moved ??? ??? to?Nashville, performing on "The Nashville Jubilee" and entering into a production and writing?relationship with legendary honky tonk songwriter Carmol Taylor who produced several ??? ??? ??? singles on?Gary for NSD Records. In 1985, Gary Lumpkin and Carmol Taylor recorded an album for London-based Password Records" Honky Tonk, Two Stepping Beer Drinking Saturday Night". The album was critically acclaimed by ??? country music DJs and brought Gary's vocal and playing talent to the attention of British country ??? ??? fans. A fine guitar player as well as a singer, Gary spent a couple of years as band leader and ??? ??? front?man for Skip Ewing and also enjoyed success as a songwriter, particularly the George ??? ??? ??? Jones/Lacy?J Dalton top ten hit "Size Seven Round". In recent years Gary has spent time away from the country music limelight but was persuaded to ??? return to re-record his song "I Only Want To Love You Forever" with Hayley.
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