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Oh So Deceivin(I Choose You) ft Jah Flung
Its a unisex song but about how I thought somebody was true, and turned out to be different. What was then and what is now. With a surprising twist, so keep your ears open!!
Single - $0.75
World - Dancehall
Previous peak charts position #165
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #13
Eian Beckford/Lloyd Vernon
Eian Beckford Copyright August 2007
February 20, 2008
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Oh So Deceiving- Nemo Dilinga ft Jah Flung Intro HA HAI!!!sKIBBLY bIDDly BANG!!! U Know!!!D-D-Dilinga Sound!!! Dilinga Movements Feel Me Girl Chorus Shorty U was so smooth u had me believing u was trustworthy and honest Oh so Deceiving U Broke My Heart Took The Portions Rip Those to Pieces Dat Was a While Back Let Me Bring You To Whats Recent Shorty U was so smooth u had me believing u was trustworthy and honest Oh so Deceiving U Broke My Heart Took The Portions Rip Those to Pieces... Nemo Verse 1 Nowadays mi lock up gal like police inna precinct Release dem when dem post bail after the proceedings Mi nuh get gal wet mi have dem leaking Bare huffing & puffin, screamin, bed squeakin U Want a Man?U haffi gimme a reason Fi Deal Wid U, how u tell mi seh u ketch feelings? U seh u Love Me but u not even know di meaning She seh, "Are U for Real?", like seh she dreaming Mi seh Chorus 2x Nemo Verse 2 Baby!!!Mi nuh inna di bluffin You anuh turkey but mi woulda give u di stuffin But you haffi gimme a likkle sumthin caws man a P.I.M.P If u man nuh havvi, mi give u plenty So gwaan an rent me, Nemo's worth every penny Customer Service guarantee just ask Tasha or Kenni Dem gal go tell u seh dem rate me as the best An mi nuh score less than 9 or 10 So gwaan an tell ur friends seh Nuh fi forget di weed, guinness nor di roots An wi can proceed to business yes wi knockin dem boots U haffi give dis veteran, 21 gun salute cause when di skirt fly mek u feel like 4th of July, Dat a di Truth So.. Chorus 2x Jah Flung Chorus I Choose You!!! To Love & Squeeze me Baby Steady Drive Me Crazy Kiss Good Night, Morning Wake Me!! I Choose You!!! To Be The One To Hold Me U Be My One & Only!! By My Side, Never Leave Me!! Jah Flung Verse 1 Well it clear inna mi brain how mi love u so much Jane Anytime u gone, clouds come nuff rain Whentimes u round, happiness kill di pain If u disappear, me'll neva be the same Best Light inna Mi Life Gone Now Fi Mi Darkness Last Week u vex me, tell me who faultless When stress molest, whey u deh mek it left? Now love reject, love accept Flung Chorus Flung Bridge All Day, You Keep Running Thru my mind Feels so Good Inside....CHo!!!Baby Girl!!! Girl children big up uself, a it dat...