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Campfire Song
CD 'Eklektika' This song features my 'Neighbourhood Kids', Sam Collett, Shanna, Holly, Natalie Fournier, and Liz Newton. These kids were awsome, what a choir, what voices, let's all sing around the campfire with them.
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Album - $10.00
Acoustic - Folk
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Evan Paul Kozaris
February 19, 2008
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4:00 minutes
Story behind the song
I really enjoy sitting in front of a campfire with family and friends, and just play acoustic instruments like, classical guitars, flute, bass and native drums. No words were required. This song was created in that atmosphere. My "Neighbourhood Kids Choir" joined me, and what an incredible job they did, 3 takes and it was done, it was suppose to be a rehearsal, but they were just too good, so I used what they put out.
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