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Eat Dirt!
A food song thoroughly endorsed by the Science in the Public Interest crowd.
Podcasts - Comedy
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Andy Senior
1994, 2008
February 14, 2008
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Story behind the song
This pretty much does what it says on the box, but I note recently a story about people in Haiti actually eating dirt cookies because real food is so expensive. So I had to revive the song, of course.
EAT DIRT (7/19/94) Copyright 1994 Andy Senior Eat dirt! It can't hurt! They say burritos will kill you-- That pizza and popcorn will too-- So, though the taste doesn't thrill you-- Eat dirt! It's the right thing to do! Eat dirt! Be alert! Just shovel in that delicious soil And wrap up what's left in a piece of foil-- Then, have some white sand for dessert-- Eat dirt! Eat dirt! Eat dirt! What's chocolatey and fudgy makes your arteries all sludgy; The food that's nice and cheesy makes your ticker all diseasey; The dinner that tastes great'll be the one that will be fatal; A chili dog (or seven) will send you off to Heaven... Eat dirt! It's inert! What's more, your date will respect you If she's into animal rights; She'll never try to correct you-- Eat dirt! Take a few more big bites! Eat dirt! I assert! It satisfies and you won't get ill-- Why do you think that they call it "fill?" It's not that I mean to be curt, But eat dirt! Eat dirt! Eat dirt! Eat dirt! Eat dirt! Eat dirt!