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Trusting You
Broken trust between a man and a woman after friends no longer cover for him.
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Stephanie Raymond/Chip Stead
February 29, 2008
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I don't know where he was, but he wasn't here. In fact he hasn't come with us, in about a year. That's what your best friend said, to me yesterday, When I asked him how you played poker last Sunday. So where were you every weekend that you lied to me? Should I trust my heart or what they've all seen? When everybody's telling me they saw you yesterday, With a blue-eyed blonde in a restaurant, taking her breath away. I prayed I could get by, and it wasn't just a lie, Trusting you. My eyes filled with anger, my heart with pain. You told me all about her when I asked you to explain. Is she really just a friend, or no…? Can I trust you, or should I let you go? If every single weekend, you had to lie to me, Can I trust my heart, or should I believe? When everybody's telling me they saw you yesterday, With a dark brunette in a red corvette, you blew my dreams away. As the tears fell down my face, I saw years I can't replace, Trusting you. When did you start to change? When did I become so old and plain? You ran to someone new, How can I trust you? Everybody's asking me what happened yesterday, When you told me knowin’ that I couldn't go, but I slowly walked away. And you know I thought about, how I could live without, Trusting you...
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