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Debtors R Us
I wrote a dance song as an exercise. Inspired by the Home Made Hit Show. The vocals are as good as you'll get from me:-)
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Mat Wilson
Mat Wilson
March 02, 2008
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Story behind the song
Nice bouncy song with doom-laden lyrics. Inspired by the coming Recession/Depression!!
I can't face the risk Of all your dire predictions Now you're living in The Back Rooms of life. I don't call the shots, and I don't pick the stocks, and I will suffer Just like you. It's taxing all right You're living a lie It's all going to fall The bailiffs will call You won't have a light Cold sweat through the night Financially bust Debtors are us. Debtors are us It's very unpleasant. Days would last forever Wages going down Prices keep on rising This is stagflation.
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