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Take Me Back
Mark Wilson: Acoustic Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. Mike Shelton: Dobro, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm guitar.
Country - Alternative Country
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March 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song was inspired by a love lost experience in my younger years.  No doubt... 'the first cut is the deepest'
Take Me Back A telephone ringing late in the evening How I wish you’d call and just say hi I spend too much time believing We could work it out if we’d just try Chorus Take me back to a time When we were both in love  Back to those old songs on the radio We could talk all night And if the feeling’s right ‘Hold me like you’ll never let me go I remember a time when we were both in love And all the simple things we shared What I’m missing now most is your touch And the comfort that you gave me when you cared Chorus Drive all night, I ain’t going nowhere Pass by your house for the second time He’s still there, I guess he’s staying over I wish I was back in another place and time Chorus
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