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Beppu Nights -disco take-
Album   $4.00
A disco version of AWAKEN's classic 'Beppu Nights'.
Peak #589
Peak in subgenre #323
G.Snowcat / Thuy
January 24, 2008
MP3 6.9 MB, 128 kbps, 7:34
Story behind the song
A disco take of AWAKEN's classic "Beppu Nights". Features the sound of ti99/4A computer. For all the baddest cats who follow AWAKEN since 1988. Recorded on January 19 and 20th, 2008. Fresh stuff ! The original mini-album is still available on AWAKEN's site !
Well his plane has gone And you don't know why Love can be so cruel Chilling through your bones You go back at home Feeling blue and cold Running out of words On your mobile phone If the breeze knocking at your door Is not the one you expected There’s something you should never forget That you can’t buy in any store : Remember, there’s a heart that beats for you through Beppu Nights From overseas To the country where white cats have no mouth Nine hundred per hour Crying in the skies He looks at your pictures Loves you more and more But if you feel when you wake up Among the cats, sheep, dogs and dolls That someone is missing a lot Keep in your heart this song of him And remember, there’s a neon to warm you through Beppu Nights From overseas To the country where blue cats have no ears And finally when winter’s gone His plane is landing at your door A pearl wrapped in a pinky box Treasure love like this precious stone Remember, there’s a morning coming after Beppu Nights He could be me As sure as tall cats come from the year of the dog
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