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The Eternal Light of Will
A personal tribute to musician Bill Nelson. A journey using 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric guitars, digital synthesizer, drum machine, vocals, limited hand percussion (home-made shaker & Circulon saucepan lids - nice tone!).
Alternative - Avant Rock
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T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams
T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams_Sep 2000
January 20, 2008
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5:50 minutes
Story behind the song
Specially recorded contribution to the limited edition "Confessions of Young Moderns" tribute to Bill Nelson 3CD set, organised by Chuck Bird. This was the first track recorded under the name 'Garden of Surreal Dreams' in September 2000. A journey of sorts that goes through a number of changes.
Walk between unseen worlds doors to other dimensions try to find the way to a life of creation Feel the space between atoms deep into the unreal searching for answers to questions the eternal light of Will
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