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back out to the van
recorded before the big puff in my friends basement
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Rock - Garage Rock
Previous peak charts position #1,438
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January 19, 2008
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2:46 minutes
Story behind the song
just havin fun. making up music we wanted to hear
Come on Bobby play me a song callin it smoke another joint smokin another joint smokin another joint Say me and Bobby goin back out to the van to smoke another joint oh im goin to come on smoke another joint Bobby ahhh goin down town smoke another joint ah baby yeah Come on Billy Boy Come on and show me the big mans toy I want ta smoke another joint right now here in the Van said Billy boy got the weed in the palm of my hand take me to the van, smoke another big fat motherfuckin joint Billy Boy here comes the second dube man gonna break your mother fuckin hand man gonna come right into your livin room bust to move they dont give us room dont cross cause were blllllllppppppp yes real good do the trick hey man now cant pay the rent sick em back down sing abound sais its all around said telegram commin on back now Billy boy come on and show me the big mans toy smoke another big fat joint aaaaaahh