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The Last Stand (ABL Play-off Finals)
I kill kids in groups of three.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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the MIME
January 13, 2008
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[ meks ] Meks, you best believe it. Always gonna get looked down on, like sexy cleavage. This is your death repeated. He fucked a MILF once and wanted to pound bare then screamed at his mom he was coming, but she wasn't downstairs. You're a sick fuck, thats why you're going to lose to Stryk 'cuz he's coming in second. You're even number two loser, bitch. Like Meks?! Who is this? Seriously, who you diss? Only way this dude the shit is due to all his doo-doo spits. I'm making home made pasta, don't get your noodle split. You're fucked whether you know it or not like a roofie slipped in the drink of a goofy bitch who, never knew that dudes were pricks, went out clubbing without her husband and got her coochie dicked. See, Meks, I can do a long punch but whenever you do your songs suck. Take the backseat. Dude you suck at spitting. So next time you say you gonna kick rhymes, I'm gonna hope you mean you're fucking quitting. [ dj pizza face ] Better understand, dude. marathon runner versus finish line ribbon means you're gonna get ran through. 'Cuz In the rhyming biz, I'ma clock maker. Putting hands to the Face; So, you know what time it is. First place is mine. All of yall are sucking second 'cuz hes a DJ, and he can't even touch my record. I'm kinda fly with letters; Always try to rhyme it better. You getting buried 'cuz you booty, like a pirate treasure. You'll go to step and walk though me. Not knowing you got ghosted just trying to talk to me. Tried to ask a black guy if he rapped fly; Comedy Central sent him a letter telling him to stop stalking Paul Mooney. The way that you spitting, cuz, the only way you'll get a buzz is replacing Philly guts with sticky buds and twisting up. Pizza has the thickest crust, due to all the dick he sucks, all around his lips and stuff. Buddy, you're a bitch to us. [ stryk 9 ] Yeah, I slaughtered you, buddy. I even made the beat. Thats why I'm erked people denying that I be making heat. But if he ran the track, I promise that he paid for cleats. Basically your cadence peaked, delivery is played and weak. Somebody tell karate kid he going 'gainst a shogun. Your flows terrible. I had it mastered in 01, and looking back I think I blow, son. Get updated. I've upgraded to snuff haters even when they're no ones. Offense on St D like free clinics. Please mimic somebody else, I'm flattered but you've reached the limit I'm going to allow these critics to give you credit for using that weak gimmick. You got beef? Well, Mowf got his teeth it. Dog fight. Rottweiler off his leash in it on some Michael Vick type of shit. Insurgents get sniper hits when the rifle gripped. Knocked down quicker than a boxer when the fight is fixed. So, nighty night you bitch. Clean and tidy by the fists. Mopping up the cocky fucks, who thinking they can try my wit. You can rap a little, but you lack the urban mix so only people looping S are writing in a cursive script.