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Recorded on 4 track tape machine with Logic midi file/X5 and live guitar/vocal at Cwmdonkin Terrace, long, long ago
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January 12, 2008
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Story behind the song
Its a sort of love song. I can't remember writing it, I just found the lyrics written on a piece of paper one day and thought, meh, they'll do
So you think I'm insensitive bady 'cos I don't treat you like a lady It's not just because I'm so lazy its because I don't like you Maybe that's part of the problem or maybe its just the solution Perhaps if you took elocution it might reduce them But tell me for once do you love me even though your so clearly above me Perhaps we should move to Llandovery just so your near me But maybe perhaps we don't bother just be about sort of hover Perhaps I'll become an armed robber at the turn of the century