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Natalie (A Letter From Heaven)
Single - $1.00
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #207
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #35
CMM Records (Aust)
January 08, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
5:33 minutes
Natalie (A letter from heaven) Mama I feel for you I don't wanna see you blue What you did you did for me And you hold me in your memory I was and am your Natalie I was here for just 2 weeks And in that short time I made them weep I made my mark, it was a lark *It'll be alright you will see When you come back to me All our hurts will be a memory When we're in paradise for all to see Forever Natalie Forever forever, we'll be together forever Forever forever in paradise Mama where I am is so great There is no night or day And no need for you to wait For me it was the hand of fate So just be happy for me I pray I have family and friends up here Who play with me all through the day So you will see that I am ok * Mama- down there I'd have to care Here I set things and prepare For that day when we meet My friend, face to face Cause then you will raise me With no defects As you think of me- I think of you With no regrets Forever forever in paradise * I love you mama(Spoken)
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