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This song is about how we live life without the entrapment of any religion we have nothing against anyone nor do we dissaprove of others beleifs we merely love people and beleive in people way more than any religion
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
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Jim Wolverton (Death)
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January 06, 2008
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4:19 minutes
Story behind the song
We believe in no religion only life, the people you meet, and the power within them
HATE! This Shit! Oh it's been so long, I hate this, wasting the time in my head, fuck the religious their honor is fake! HATRED! It's gone away from your head, you let go of your body! ...Hate this, you've bled, cause beleif, led this able life on a heart-bleeding "YOU COULD NOT BELEIVE THIS!", caught to your image! This Door, GAURDED! By... DEMONS! Let their god in, it can be fun, he seems to be bleeding, for his dead, Ohhhhe's ignorant, for I can see! GODLESS, I hate him! Why?! Would it be easy? Could you break free? Fuckin leave me, here bitch! I can live, GODLESS, I Hate... all their lies, hopelessly condemned to their graves, see them bloody as they scream, "Leave me, bitch!" ...Look at the blood they bleed! It is all over me! It is all over me! NEED A GOD? WHY!
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