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Locked Lullabies
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Fatima Qureshi
January 04, 2008
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Daydreams and lullabies Fairytales, No lonely nights Time has passed Of heads in laps Where fingers used to dance The dance of sleep But now you weep As even memories Get poisoned by the wisdom of your years Aching hearts beat broken bones A love lost on every road The time has gone Of nights unknown And boys with faces Drowning in the haze And now you chase The one who speaks A truth that must be heard to be healed To return to a path where freedom joined with faith In yourself and the words you held so dear So he came with a lullaby No fairytales, he swore, no lies Time was stopped He said "You've locked Yourself away, but you must Let it out Please don't doubt The words you say Sometimes hating you is okay"
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