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Pepsi Dependency, a parody of Fall Out Boy's Thnks fr th Mmrs (Thanks for the Memories). This one was fun to perform, and is the first time I've ever had to do four different parts overlapping at points. (This is the 2010 Version)
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David/SDG of Karaoke Version (With permission)
2010 (original 2007)
April 12, 2015
MP3 3.2 MB, 128 kbps, 3:30
Story behind the song
I wrote it just on a whim after having hosted a top 100 parody contest at badave.com. Throughout the broadcast people saw me drinking Pepsi, so I decided to write a little tune about it:) Thnks fr th Mmrs (Which is Thanks for the Memories) was a perfect song being that it was recent enough and end of the yeary enough to use. Special thanks to karaoke-version.com/en/ for allowing me to use the backing track
I think that I will stay up late (A second wind that cola brings) Take a gulp and watch my kidneys roll My heart's about to blow (Heart's about to blow) (Heart's about to blow) and I cannot sleep at all tonight I better drink some more before the day light Just look at the caramel fizz My brain gets tied in knots Covered in sweat from my head to my knees Tastes great and cleans off grime Pepsi Dependency Staying up for ten days straight No Twenty ounce, need 2 liters I'm buzzed, yeah, all the time Caffeine inside of me Chalked full of energy Green Tea? Not for me, I need sweeter oooooooooooh Dentist warned me I'm in danger Gums receding, My tooth ache's back His words I don't recall I didn't get out of the front door (front door) 'fore my thirst came rumbling back (came rumbling back) Got One Can (Got one Can OH) One can, one more at nine Pepsi Dependency Molars became paper weights I need tooth paste, and some fillers One Glass, yeah, I'll be fine Don't you be cheap with me Fill up the cup fully I need my fix, or I will die here Oooooooooooooh I took just one drink after Britney poured some on her Spice Girls danced with those bright blue-tastic colors I was doing just fine 'til it came through my nose Still do it today I no longer eat my food Ooooooooooh Repeat, just four more times Pepsi Dependency Refill till I'm wide awake I can't sit down, what a nightmare No Crack, Speed, I'll be fine Just give me that caffeine It's really all I need It works the same, but it is cheaper (oooooooh) I need all these chorus lines (ten more lines) (killing time) Dispel my energy So I get to bed tonight Can't fall asleep, so I'll sing here (ooooooh) I swear, we will end these rhymes (The last time) (No more rhymes) Pepsi Dependency Feels just like ecstasy Done, Damn, I can sleep maybe next year (oooooooh)
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