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Oh So Sweet
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Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Eric Poisel
Alias Xavier Records
December 31, 2007
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Goin in. I make my move. I know it's hard but I feel I can prove... to you... As I get close, I pull it back. I find out he's the one you're after... I change my mind. And I: what did I do to you? Lie? Steal what we barely knew of each other And he: what did he do for you? He molds you; whispers his soul to you. You can't take it anymore. So look, baby. Here I am. I'm the man with the heart. I'm the man with the plan. I know what it takes to be in love. So look, honey. Oh so sweet. The hold on your heart, he can't keep Cause when you see me, you're mine. Oh you're mine. Go in hard and push on through. Her heart, I swear you will get to You'll do it if you try. As you get close into my grasp, I see your heart change from sand to glass I knew you or so I thought. Bridge x1 Chorus x2