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The Name Of The Game
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Play ball!!!
Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Ray Kim, Bob Blanchard
1994, Ray Kim
July 25, 2021
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Story behind the song
Simple: I love baseball!!! I'd always wanted to write a song about baseball, and I came up with this. I am a baseball nut. I'm one of those fans you'll see at the ballpark with a scorecard and keeping track of the game. I am an aficionado of baseball history. I believe Cooperstown is Mecca. Unfortunately, I was never very good. If you'll pardon the expression, I throw like a girl (apologies to any ladies I might have just offended). And I could never get the bat around on a fastball. Well, maybe I can't play, but I can dream, can't I? Bob Blanchard, vocals Ray Kim, keyboards
THE NAME OF THE GAME Words and music by Ray Kim and Bob Blanchard Verse 1: Ever since he was eight years old He dreamed he'd make it to the show someday... Spending his summer afternoons Trying to make that big play... Now here he was in the big-leagues, Ninth inning, with two men out... Just like his childhood heroes, Jackson and Nettles, It's what this game's all about... Chorus: It's the name of the game, Played within the fields of our minds... Going back to times of innocence, Dreaming of making the big time... Verse 2: He started out in Oneonta And worked his way through Double-A... He's paid his dues down on the farm Just to get himself a chance to play... He doesn't care about the money, He doesn't care about the fame... He's in it for the little kid in him; He's in it for the love of the game... (To Chorus) Bridge: (instrument and vocal ad lib) Verse 3: He steps into the batters box With his team down by a run... His comrades hold at second and third With a slider called for strike one... The pitcher goes into his windup... He stares him down with eyes so cold... The pitch comes in, there's the crack of the bat, And fifty-thousand fans explode... (To Chorus) Copyright 1994, Ray Kim