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Silver Wind
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A long journey, a familiar face, and a long-ago bittersweet memory . . .
Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Ray Kim
1990, Ray Kim
June 20, 2021
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Story behind the song
If "One Man, One Heart, One Soul" is my favorite of my songs, this probably runs a close second. This song is based on an actual experience. I was traveling home by train, and sat next to a girl whom I swore was someone else. The experience gave me the idea for this song. I took some liberties for the song. I got on the train at Syracuse, not Buffalo. She was a brunette, not a redhead. I never actually went to my prom. And the girl in question was actually the sister of a friend, not a former lover. Bob Blanchard, lead vocals Jerry Russell, backing vocals Ray Kim, keyboards Eddie Kilgallon, drums
SILVER WIND Words and music by Ray Kim Verse 1: I boarded the train at Buffalo; My mind was set on getting back home... A red-haired girl was sitting by the window, So beautiful, and quite alone... She looked just like this girl I used to know... I stopped and asked, "Hey, Kate, is that you...?" She looked up and smiled, and she shook her head, But there was something there I knew... Chorus: Listen to the sweet voice of the Silver Wind... Her song carries views from the past... Of places and times that were left far behind, And mem'ries that forever will last... Verse 2: I asked her if the seat was taken... She shook her head and gave me a smile... I sat back in the coach, and I looked at my watch... I'd be there for quite a while... I couldn't stop looking at her... I swore that I was seeing a ghost... But it couldn't be her, 'cause the girl that I knew Was out on the West Coast... (To Chorus) Verse 3: I remembered the night of the Senior Prom... The time was late; the night air was hot... And while the rest of the world was sound asleep, We made love in the parking lot... But we knew somehow that it'd never work out; We went off in our own separate ways... And the last I heard, she was happily married, And with a kid on the way... (To Chorus) Verse 4: We talked for hours as the train sped on; I couldn't ask for better company... Hours passed like minutes, and we barely noticed As we pulled into Albany... I said, "I've gotta go; this is where I get off... It's been a real pleasure talking to you..." She said, "Thank you, my friend, I hope we meet again... I'd love to spend more time with you..." (To Chorus) Verse 5: I stood on the platform as the train pulled out... Her smile was on my mind just the same... I picked up my bags, and then I realized That I'd never even asked her her name... I called my friend to hitch a ride... I waited in the station alone... And my mind was wand'ring as I got in the car And rode back home... (To Chorus) Copyright 1990, Ray Kim