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Michael Sanders
2007 Strike Four
December 22, 2008
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We can agree that it is clear We are both happy to be here Together we'll face our hopes and fears Whether you're far or you are near The question what should you do What is my name to you But I don't care what you call me As long as you call me yours I couldn't turn away if I tried You're always looking deep inside Trying to see into my mind I can tell you what you will find That where you're far or near You're name is always found here And it stays on my lips And it's always on the tip of my tongue When you don't know what to say When you try to say my name I don't care what you call me As long as you call me yours I can look at the stars and see If God can do that for you and me Then he can bring us together With a love we cannot measure I can look at you now and know This is how it's supposed to go We can go anywhere From snowy mountains to ocean shores And I will call you the girl That God sent to change my world And you can call me whatever As long as you call me yours
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