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True Alter
Metal - Heavy Metal
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Metakix Music
December 29, 2007
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7:14 minutes
Artiste: Metakix Album: Connect & Inspire (2007) Line-up: ZOMB: Lead vocals, Rhythm/Lead guitar VIRESH: Lead/Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals NICKY: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals SHEL: Drums, Percussion ------------------------------------ True Alter My day started at seven Woke up with a sigh When I got there, I finally gave em Some stupid alibi This stress of meeting deadlines Is making me die Wanna catch that smoky fun-flight Drop out of the sky CHORUS - One alternative to consider Last alternative, true alter Uneasy situations Push me off the ledge About the backlog on my desktop Shove it like I said I'm headed to a sleaze bar Got a dime and time to spare I'm gonna drink up till my head drops Into a pool of cigarettes CHORUS Here we go? Make amends in life Recommend a strike ?to the head Twin solos - Zomb and Viresh Coming back to cruel-life Release out thoughts in my mind I'm gonna bring out all that I stand for Empowered all over No-man's-kind CHORUS Shred away? Guitar solo - Viresh Found my alter There's no other The unseeable master My True Alter Drum solo - Sheldy ? Metakix Music
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