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You Must Be High C (ABL vs C. Wrighter)
I can see C like a dirt bike, in the Play-Offs.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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the MIME
December 23, 2007
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[ intro ] - 8 I'ma see C like a Mexican agreeing when they question him on COPS, not knowing why they're arresting him. I'm not a novice, sir. I can see C, like an oceanographer just lemme grab these binoculars. and I'ma see C, like a dirtbike. You're an herb Wright. Only rap checks you got was your first Nikes. so when I see C, like cubic centimeters, you'll see I been a leader at sending heaters through stereo centered speakers. [ verse ] - 24 You wonder what the white cat could know about a hood thing. My whip took a shit, but my Atari has the wood grain. Any city, state or county that you could claim that has a bit of swag is mad you stepping on their good name. Your girl gives me good brain. Bopping the dick slow, dick hole tickles her tonsils while she licks slow, telling me let the kids go. Explicit info. But I thought you'd like a clue of what you're in for, chick is a nympho. Now we're past the basic insults, I can spit dope. Try to ignore that faggoty face stuck on that thick throat. Have you scrambling quicker than Sic goes to fix flows after Stryk posts when I'm this close to pistols. Call me a cracker; I'll live up to the name and punch your bitch mouth up to your brain. Fuck the tough talk. I aint even brush the dust off, yet. Hey C. Wrighter - you aint fuck off, yet? I don't trust him, so I watch him when this faggot pass, 'cuz he means it literally when he says he'll smack my ass. But I'd stick him so hard his jaw would look like cracking glass. 1/10 of the skill this bastard has used to smash his raps. You're a tardy tard. Mentally, you last to class. Will Lowd beat me? Should've known, and never had to ask. Sic Phuq will add the math. +2 and passing gas. Bout to shit on Meks again, like Immigration's actions have. Dude, you bugging if you thinking you'll move or budge him. Must be high C, and that explains your fruity punches. When voters look at you they see the brackets as a bad experience, and its not something that they wanna put you through. 'Cuz you're a token fag. Drinking out the condom, only way that you unload the mag. I'll revoke your poser pass. So now, you'll notice that, Wrighter isn't throwing jabs. No, in fact it, like a kick in the balls, he holds the bag. Versing this guy spitting, he only talks greasy conversing of fried chicken. A personalized victim whos hurting and lies twitching with nurses, who's eyes witness me smirking and slide in to disperse him with sly quickness.