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Hardly See
Some thoughts about economic rifts in America
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Logan "Log-a-Rhythm" Roberts and Trevor Cobb
December 22, 2007
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Story behind the song
All about trying to see things from a different perspective to encourage change in the social class system.
Log Verse 1: Thick Description's on a mission so just listen to the vision, 'cause I'm sick of this division, ridiculous racism You can get rich, or you can die while you're trying Or work your ass off just to die poor and tired. I dont know which is worse, it's the American way but can I get a body count on the Americans slayed? I'm not talking about war, I'm talking about the poverty that causes me to think about everything that bothers me. And yes, I'm middle class and you can see me as aggressor, or maybe I'm just spittin' gas, just like an air compressor But when it boils down to it I'm more like a professor, cause I'm spitting words of wisdom that's opposite the oppressor. I'm spitting for the people that huddle beneath the steeple reading, praying for better days and trying to find a decent meaning. I'm spitting for the brilliant mind trapped in crack feinding and I'm spitting for her baby cause he's screaming for a feeding. Chorus: Coming from the top, we can hardly see the people that we trap right beneath our feet and coming from the bottom they can hardly see above that thin line they call 'poverty' (x2) Trevor Verse 2: Words are inadequate to describe the power of the situation residing inside Now we hiding cause we cant comply start a riot, it's worth fighting even if we die. Cause it's the inequality that conquers and it's the inequality that tears us apart We gotta unite, fuck the government if they wont listen put themselves in our position, and fill these shoes. They dont give a fuck cause they got nothin to lose Yo this can't be kept--between you and me if something's going on that you dont like, dont let it be--we gotta step up and be the change that we wanna see We can't let up, shouldn't settle for a plea, it's time to get up, pick your head up--equality! It's out of place, this American dream not what it seems Gotta split up and distribute the Americans' green. Chorus Log Verse 3: They say to hear the truth and the truth will set free but these days, truth's a plague like AIDS and Hep. B and these days the truth's vague so its hard to see and these days the air's gray so its hard to breathe and these days some rivers never meet the sea and some people gotta live behind bars to be free. We got wars on drugs, we got wars on the streets wars posed by thugs, we got wars on police! We got broken folks living in broken homes and we got poor communication like we broke the phone 'The phone's broke, we broke--I spent it on smoke' 'Yo, I got my first paycheck, but I spent it on coke' Drugs ain't the issue, its this temporary healing under the counter cures for over the counter feelings We gotta do something man, this shit is whack, we gotta give this nation her fucking country back! Chorus