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Dim Sum (ABL vs Sumreyez)
You could say I'm better than Sum.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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the MIME
December 15, 2007
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Rapbattles.com Play-Offs vs Sumreyez [ verse ] - 32 Bars I was kinda upset. They thinking that you'll bring shit, but this bird can't get fly - she got her wings clipped. So when you see the pimp walk in wearing his wing tips and four finger rings its over. Get out the ring, bitch. One of the best in the whole place, leaving this ho based. Winning category, you'll show me your O face. Girl, its no race. I pimp stroll my own pace. We both past the post date, but cats know I flow great. In order to win, I'd have to give you the option. UPS uninon in music. My business is boxing. Bitch, just gimmie some topless pics. I'd rather listen to your picture than your nonsense hits. Just stop and strip. I got wraps. I leave Sumreyez mummified to wonder why, another guy can make his winning numbers rise. When I write a diss I apply the brightest wit, and you Dim Sum, but I don't mean the chinese dish. Lowd's a rude cat. I'll never see as many kids as you have, washing your dirty pussy out with a douche bag. But shut the fuck up and move back. You're gonna lose, fast. News flash, you ass - but we thought you knew that. She's never had a gun, but she'll let the ooz clap. Outta the loose flaps of her overused snatch. Baby gap gangster cant go against the boom bap Veteran to new jack. I'm better in the booth. Fact: I'm better than your new rap, I'm betting that you lose. Fact: When letters hit the dudes pad, your head is getting bruised bad. You thought I fell off. You Kellogg's. You getting boxed up. Message board mobster spitting that hot stuff. How you gonna match a bitch novice and a rapist, son? If she got a pussy then its obvious I'm taking Sum. You've been defeated, its over. I'm the top pick to pop shit. Farva calls me a leader of cola.
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