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Instrumentals - Pop
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Joshua Adam Garcia
December 04, 2007
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Story behind the song
Many JAGMAN fan's have asked me why I "LIED" about my past on season 3 of The NFNS... Well it's been 6 months since the airing of the final episode in which I resigned, that of which was followed by the cut JAG Vs. Rory in South beach Miami. With that in mind I would like to take this time to share the truth with you folks, and at the same time honor my military brethren who today shed the same tears I shed in the service. You wanna know why JAG let folks believe what they wanted? Why was Ft. Dix so hard for me? Listen. . . And Semper FI to all my true Marines out there listening... I wouldn't have made it with out you! Ooh Rah!