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Eyes of the Ocean - 1980
A mellow up-tempo ballad with some cool changes. ***Originally recorded on cassette tape with two mid-quality mics almost 28 years ago...not the best quality, but the only recording currently in existence.***
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Joey Arata
Joey Arata - 1979
May 15, 2008
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3:12 minutes
Story behind the song
I was sitting on a pier in Key Largo with my guitar...and the noonday sun was causing the slightly rippling water to glitter. As I meditatively looked into the water, I was transfixed. It was like looking into thousands of eyes...hence, Eyes of the Ocean.
I see the eyes of the ocean looking back at me Shimmering as the endless sky rolls on, lighting the way to the farthest shore I can see Makin’ the day much brighter, watchin’ over me Clouds pass and they don’t stop to say, pretty pictures they just float on their way But the sea reaches out to me, whispers my name sweet and low Makin’ the way much brighter, takin’ me where I should go Windswept I become, flying like a wave across the sea Then she and I are one, laughing for the day that’s yet to be Soaring toward the sun, seeing all I’m meant to be I feel the eyes of the ocean reaching out for me She cradles me in her peaceful arms and takes me to places I’d never see Makin’ the day much brighter, watchin’ over me
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