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joji let's play
missing my little boy, I wrote a trance tune. meh. I'm cheesy like that.
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Electronic - Trance
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robert lane
November 08, 2007
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Story behind the song
I found myself with 5 hours and no interruptions, and all I could think about was how much I miss my son, Joji. so I decided to make use of the time and write some music. I tried desperately to stay away from the trance. I wanted to get all experimenty, but the harder I tried the more trancey it got...so I've decided from now on Joji will have to hang out with me when I write music or I will always write trance because I get all cheesy when I miss that little rat. obviously this is unfinished. I am still writing the last few parts I hear in my head..but it might be a bit before I get the time to sit down and compose it. please be patient with me..I'm a flaky artsy type.
hurry up and get home Joji. daddy wants to play. I'll be the doggy and you run from me laughing..okay?