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From Nowhere To Here And Back Again
Sonic tapestry of cymbals, primal howls, saxophone, violin, bamboo flute, harmonica, otherworldly voices. All sounds recorded in a meadow and processed in the studio. No synths or samplers used in the origination, destruction & eventual re-creation.
Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams
T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams_Oct 2007
October 30, 2007
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3:30 minutes
Story behind the song
By improvising, with no deliberate thought given to structure at the time of playing, it is entirely possible that the mind is open to being influenced by any mischievous passing spirits that might be around and who want to express themselves in some way. Music from another dimension perhaps. Who knows what other realities are beyond our understanding?
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