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roll across the bay
pieced together for a friend who was creating a video. it was later determined to be 'too energetic' for the video. hmph.
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Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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robert lane
October 27, 2007
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Story behind the song
I had some fruity compositions that I didn't know what to do with..they totally didn't fit my usual style..more jazzy than usual I think. as well as some royalty frees in case anyone was wondering about the sax, guitar and wild organ. I just creatively chopped and pitch-shifted those. it reminded me of the nights I used to drive across the Bay Bridge and out to Treasure Island to sit and think after my wife left me for a bottle. I used to stay and watch the sunrise..but before that I would watch the fog..so thick and full of mysterious possibilty, rolling across the San Francisco Bay.
please dont shit on me mr seagull. I wont touch your mussels, I'm just using this rock to make my ass hurt and bring the night chill into my body. I wont be here too long, just until I get hungry enough to eat at frickin Denny's. Please Mr Seagull can you recommend someplace besides the Crab Shack dumpster for me to get my morning sustenance?
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