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glitchy, twitchy, pitchshifty. I tweak my own cheese.
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Electronic - Electronica
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robert lane
October 27, 2007
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Story behind the song
another experiment in twisting the feeling behind my usual cheesy style. I really dislike some of the stuff I compose..to me it sounds so exaggerated sometimes, but apparently it's part of my composition process. I make something really over-the-top and then I'll pare it down to it's minimal structure..which seems a waste of time I know...but hell, I guess there is no "right way" when you compose by ear. I just wish my ears knew what they wanted in the first place.
his name is Joji J-O-J-I he told me he's a B-A-B-Y I wanna kiss you may oh may I? I want to hug you Joji-kun because I love you Joji-kun now Joji go and clean your room.
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