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let me remember this night
a concept version of a track from my Pla©ebo 99 soundtrack. in progress. kinda charlie brownish.
Electronic - Mellow
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robert lane
October 26, 2007
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Story behind the song
This track is from one of the later chapters in the story. The main character, after enduring some traumatic events, is taken for a night out by her friend "Marble". Who, instead of the traditional "date" thing let's her take part in his "random acts karma tour" she enjoys herself so much that she wishes that she will remember this night forever.
no lyrics..but I kind of wanted to reference the school bells heard in some parts of the world, since my main character in Placebo 99 is of Elementary/Junior High age. I wanted to riff on that feeling of familiarity with her friend, that kinship of a classmate, but also how there was a deeper connection which transcended that superficial link.
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