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The Best(My Verse)
This is my verse from a collab Im doing with intaflex, just thought i'd post it for a sneak peek and it will be replaced with the full song later
HipHop - Hip Hop General
No Apologies
October 21, 2007
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Story behind the song
Self proclimation, not my favorite topic...but it was flex's idea and I rolled with it
No Apologies here to say I aint gun stop it So Ill try my best to stay on topic Just need a dollar to make a profit So I'll just take my collar and pop it And I'll put shaft in his coffin and lock it Sit there n laugh cuz his raps are dog shit Fitty get money, but I already got it But it dont mean nothin I keep droppin Pac hits! So go ahead and keep talkin yes indeed Cuz yall know that brings out the best in me Consistently the best that the best can be So the rest can sit and stare obsessively I dont know maybe flex is just testin me But I can rest wit ease knowin the best emcees Just cant compare even Kanye West agrees And Ill show you muthafuckas why the best is me!