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rudebwoy ruff rock
emcee magik made the track... i spit a written on top of it
HipHop - Positive Vibes
Previous peak charts position #4,270
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #176
September 24, 2003
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perpetually down but it's not what i was hoping i stay underground but my world's forever sloping i can only wait for the winds of change i break myself down then i rearrange it's strange how it works all these cycles upon earth i guess it's to be human to ponder self-worth jaded, disenchanted been taken for granted laughed at forever dissed face planted downtrodden nowhere to go but rise i be plottin' to take it to the skies like a scraper from the ground up foundation to help me grow up and greet iration never slow up... cuz i'm sick of the pause and then i show up to ridiculous applause clap ya hands ya hands'll clap rudebwoy and emcee magik put this shit on the map all you emcees go ahead and fap cuz i produced it live and direct this isht is a wrap... this isht is a wrap... ...live and direct... check it out two thousand three magik on the track rudeBwoy the emcee you should know you couldn't ufck wit we that's right conspiracy we got a plan to take over the world but first things first i'm takin' ya girl