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Pay Your Dues & Rent (ABL vs 10Fold)
I kill kids who think they kill kids.
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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the MIME.
October 13, 2007
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("Hypnotize") - 16 You a puny wimp. I'm the dude you lose against. Lessons in life, baby. Pay your dues and rent. I swear you a simp. Public school failed you. Another dude nailed you. That must be why yous a bitch. Spits monotonous flows with chest colds, a lot of snot in his nose, and be thinking that his musics sick. But Ten winning with his net presence? Shit. Did Barry Bonds get big from bench pressing? Next question. How you want it? Fives or ones. 'cuz breaking a 10s nothing, I'm supplied with funds. and the day I see that guy with guns. I'm calling his campus counselor, telling 'em to either hide or run. See me baking with a eiphy of the haze in dutches. Ten be baking in an apron making raisin muffins. So you can save the bluffing, 'cuz you got wackest candence. only 10 song I like is 'Crack Commandments.' ("10 Crack Commandments") - 24 Real heads know the difference, and they say you phony. Your girlfriends the only people who will play you, homie. I took your bitch out and I was 'bout to hit it raw, but then she blew me off.. and I don't mean she didn't call. You take offense more than shady pawn shops. You're a gangsta's glock; Cat is daily on cock. So you wanna know why I think you're such a prick, kid? 'Cuz the only thing that sensitive is a dick tip. Oh, your producer called. He said he wants his shit back. 'cuz even with his beats you coudn't Dvize a hit track. Slave to trends, but its ending with a whip crack. Letters burying veterenarians. I'm a sick cat. You can mention this, that, the other and then flip back. But never hold a lit match to anything I give wax. You is ass... and I won't apologize for calling guys wack when they're clearly on the novice side. Only time you fly you're on a Kamikaze ride. 'cuz I'm anti-aircraft; I tear raps and bomb the sky. Fuck the common lies. Only thing you got on Mowf is lipstick you fixed quick at your prom with guys. Its your dudes who clown you. They say you been in the closest so long, they said "Fuck it" and built the booth around you. And from your gay shit, I guess thats where the music found you. You're bottom rung; Theres no other level to move you down to.