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Another World
2004 recorded hopelessly guitarish epic dot-rock track. Explicitly Demo.
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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M: Hofmann/Kasprzak, W: Hofmann, V: Kasprzak
2007 - Days of Triumph
October 13, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
5:10 minutes
Story behind the song
This comes from outer time, must have been recorded somewhere in 2004, when some heavy rock-influences haunted Days of Triumph. It however would not get the power and dyynamics, it was meant to be. Dot are not REALLY rockers, it seems. And the ending... oh, the ending! Hopelessly chaotic. So the track finally went to our electronics facility, and you may hear it in reshaped return for the album. Beyond that... Living in another world to you! See?
I speak in silence Whatever deed It´s doing wrong Always caught astray the track Of what I thought that we would be Always another world When you rain your shadows over me With absent smiles and desert flowers Caressing pride and swimming oceans It´s everything within us It stays the same but finally It still remains another world Breed in kindness Whatever word I´m telling wrong Guilt within the binding sense Of tunnels in my concentration All on islands Whatever truth´s Another song When all the world is drifting way Return to final explanations