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Opening track of the 'Head and the Chainsaw'-Album, setting the scene with cold electronics.
Electronic - Electro
Previous peak charts position #461
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #20
Music: Braehler, Words: Hofmann
2002 - Braehler/Hofmann
October 12, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
3:12 minutes
Story behind the song
Finding our place - empty and forgotten.
Head and the Chainsaw - Glow Stray people With a piece of our mind Peace on our mind The grey people Our masters behind Glow, our way must glow Straw people And my vision inside With me left in fight The downward people Fear the light Glow, our way must glow Staple people On the playground tomorrow With our pain and your sorrow The beetle people Preyed upon their marrow Glow, our way must glow