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Murda wuz da Case
You are on trial for murdering your wife. You are not the one who killed her, but you do have a record of previous Domestic Violence acts on both your wife and former girlfriends. If convicted you could face life and possibly the death sentance. You
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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October 11, 2007
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Dear god / i wonder/ can you save me murder was the case that they gave me The Prosecuter / and the D.A. Tryna give a nigga / more charges than O.J. set my brief case / down on the desk heart beatin like a / fuckin bass drum in my chest Calm collect / i take the witness stand i know im in some shit/and/ its bout to hit the fan we got evidence he doesn't stand a chance the jury cant equit if the glove fits his hand Fuck a conffesion/ what i look like/ Vick? you could have the shit tapped /the charge still wont stick we know you did it / admit it / you pulled the trigga you got no alibi/ don't lie to me nigger The boys gangsta/ there aint none Realah I might choke a hoe/ but i sho wouldnt killa like pac/ all eyes on me they even got the case on court T.V. i shoulda took the plea/ id be out in three now they tryna fry a nigga/ like im eggs and cheese please believe/ im gone be free even if i gotta flee / to the west indies put the / blame on me/ if you really wanna ill be-in / belize / smokin trees of marijuana attorneys debate/ then make their last statement jurors deliberate/ and im geting impatient the court room waiting/ my hands is shaking cuz this could be the day /that my freedoms is taken both / fingers / crossed under the seat the verdict has arrived/ please rise to your feet we find the defendent/ a victim of the streets where you gotta be a beast/ if you ever wanna eat