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I Found Me A Hero
My Co-writer J.D. Stenzel met Melissa Evans, cousin of superstar Sarah Evans, and wrote a true story about her. We don't know if Sarah has heard it yet.
Country - Country-Pop
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Steve Mornini
October 06, 2007
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I Found Me A Hero I pulled into a diner in Sedalia, went inside to get myself some eggs, My first impression when I met Mellissa, was that pretty smile and killer set of legs She wore a pin with a picture of her Justin, Her sixteen year old football star, Come to find out she had raised 4 others, All Alone, Friend, You know that takes my Heart. CHORUS: She kept bringin me coffee, and takin care a me Told me she’d been married, but Divorced recently I found me a Hero in that Diner You See But she’s content, waiting tables Patiently. BRIDGE: Her Ex ain’t paid a nickel yet to help her And I doubt that she’d take it if He Tried Those five kids of Hers are mighty lucky To have a good, Hard workin momma on Their side CHORUS