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Song is for Julius Vasko, a pleasant man, I wrote this song, composed all musical parts, sang all vocals, played all parts on keyboard. You're welcome to analyze any of my work, if you have the software to do so.... Album, NO TIME IN PIPELINE.
Classical - Contemporary
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Alexis Marianne Patrick ( LEKZEE PATRICK)
Alexis Marianne Patrick ( LEKZEE PATRICK)
October 05, 2007
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Words, Music ,and Arrangement, Written By LEKZEE PATRICK SONG FOR JULIUS I remember you, icon of our traditional rite. Voice as deep as the sea, smooth as velvet, You were a sight. Unruly hair, Russian smile, eyes dark as night, I'd stare for a while. You stayed in the back, the very last pew. I watched the Priest, as he was looking at you. EVERYONE THOUGHT YOU WERE THE FAVORITE OF GOD. SOME FOUND YOU QUITE ODD. Many years went by, My father came to me one day. Then, he told me you died. The world turned dark on a soft summer'sday. JULIUS,YOU'RE MISSED BY EVERYONE. JULIUS IS SINGING IN THE ANGEL'S CHOIR. HE'LL NEVER BE OLD,AND HE'LL NEVER RETIRE. HIS VOICE IS HEARD THROUGH ETERNITY, HE'LL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, HIS SOUL IS FREE.
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