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Strong Wind
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Sammy Brown/ Sammy Brown
September 30, 2007
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Story behind the song
There was a tornado in Gt.Barrington,Ma. years ago so whenever there's a tornado alert people are understandably pretty skiddish. I recieved such an alert from a family member by phone instructing me to "grab our valuables and bring them to the basement.So there I was trying to decide what was worth saving when I realised that none of my family was there and they were really the only thing of value to me,any of the things in the house really didn't mean much without them. So I sat on the cellar stairs with my 12-string and wrote this untill the storm passed.
STRONG WIND Staring at the basement walls Counting times I've sinned Don't want to be losing you to the Strong,STRONG WIND Batten down the hatches dear,soon it will begin Pray that we don't lose our love to the Strong,STRONG WIND Accesing all our valuables,what you love or need How did this accumulate, isn't some of it just greed? I swear that's Toto flying by risking life and limb To warn us of this coming rain and the Strong,STRONG WIND I prayed to God that very night, He just smiled and grinned "If your faith and basements strong you won't fear the STRONG WIND"