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Elanor Allan
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Poppish, Proggish Rock in the vein of Evanescence or the new Linkin Park album.
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Rock - Goth Rock
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Capers Simmons
September 23, 2007
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Story behind the song
Based on one of my artist brother's graphic novel ideas.
“Elanor Allan” Capers Simmons VERSE I Elanor Allan, don’t open the door There’s a world out there in the middle of a war And you’re far too small to stay out of the way Elanor, dearest, please don’t cry There’s a world outside the edge of your eye And it’s too far-gone for tiny tears to save PRECHORUS I But they wait for a raven to come down and save them all CHORUS I Elanor Allan, don’t look to the sky It’s far too dark for birds to fly And it’s way too late to save our lives Elanor Allan, don’t open your mind It’s far too large for the sun to find A way into the deepest place inside VERSE II Poison swords will pierce the tongues Of all that claim that the evil has won And of all that say these wars won’t ever end So fly, my raven, into the black Taste their blood and spit it all back You’re too far-gone to come back home again PRECHOUS II And we've all been waiting for the wings of a raven to fall ~ CHORUS I ~ PRECHORUS III We will wait for a raven to take us to the place we belong CHORUS II Elanor Allan, don’t close the door We’re too far behind to run anymore But I will crawl the million miles on ~ CHORUS I ~
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