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Surprises and Lullabies
21 Sept 2007 - New original song!
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
Previous peak charts position #178
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #54
September 20, 2007
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80 kbps bitrate
2:56 minutes
Story behind the song
This song wrote itself after a long songwriting drought.
I trace my finger down the brick wall I see your face creased in beneath all The cracks, the lines, they mirror life forms Of you in misery what you call Bridge: Love without soul And I without hope Time without space And us in this place Chorus: We settle for the meanings In between lines We know that there can be no lies We search for our somewhere in between Cause I know that I’ll love you And I don’t need anymore Surprises and lullabies I carve your name into the bed post The deepest marks they carry the most Saturating moments that I Cannot help but be consumed by (Bridge and Chorus)
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