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The Unrequited Blues
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An uptempo rhythm and blues song in a '50s 'country blues' style, about lovin' a man who don't love ya back! Lead guitar/piano - Rick Garner; Drums/Bass/Rhythm guitar - Axella J.
Blues - Blues General
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Axella Johannesson
Axella Johannesson
September 18, 2007
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Every day I go out, do what I gotta do, Takin’ care of business, though I’m so sad and blue Happy couples pass me on the street every day When I see them comin’ toward me, I look the other way They get me to thinkin’ about what I lack Coz I love a man who don’t love me back. When I’m lyin’ in my bed in the middle of the night, Lying awake for hours after I turn out the light, Fearing that in my heart, I’ll still be his slave Till the grass is growin’ thick and green, over my grave I’ll tell you why my train’s jumped off the track coz I love a man who don’t love me back. If this keeps up, I’m sure to lose my mind The only thing I can do is leave him behind I got myself a ticket, getting’right out of town Ain’t a lot of use in me hanging around, If he don’t want to take what I got to give I can’t be pinin’ for him for as long as I live I got better things to do, like getting’ home to pack Than loving a man who don’t love me back.