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George Bush Tribute 'Its a Shame'
a 'tribute' to bush thankin him for all hes done for us
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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September 11, 2007
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its a Shame/ burning/ leave the whole country in flames/ without an end in sight its a shame/ we learning/ theres no one left to blame/and no one wants to fight its a shame/ im wonderin/ how one man can cause so much pain/ and doesnt seem to care its a shame/ no funding/ so many men dieing in vain/ without a thing to gain/ and the soldiers saying/ far out of harm/ is where i want to be/ want to be and the people saying/ whats going on/ am i gone die dear Mr. President this is a legal resident I'd like to thank you for / some of the shit / that you left us wit thanks for pestilence / and increasing the defecit and for leaving a mess/ as it seems / just for the hell of it I appreciate/ your works in trying to mediate some other nations problems/ involving all the union states and the south/ giving the world something to talk about children crying out/ while you golfing at your summer house when the levies broke / you let all of them colored folks die / with no supplies/ just because / they was hella broke in the middle east / claiming that they the enemy initially claiming change/ deep down you the same old G how the hell a crackhead became the president/ its really evident you like meddling where you never been we need help/ this is signed by your constituant i hope you hear this shit / and just think about it/ a little bit
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