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I wrote this for the Soundclick competition
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August 31, 2007
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Story behind the song
I have always had this thing about life. One moment you’re up and at any moment your whole life can start tumbling down. I used to take these special moments and file them away so that when in my darkest hours I could reach in and drag them out. Those moments when I would be dead tired and so down that I could not fall asleep that’s when I knew I had these moments in life that I could touch again and they would lift me out of the darkest corner. This is but one moment in my life that I can reach in and lean on when the times get rough. I believe each one of us have these moments rich or poor, black or brown, tall or skinny; we all have our special times that are the best in life. I not only dedicate this song to the site, but to the special people like Country Rose that make this time in my life a better place; a spot that we can enjoy while we’re here for such a short time on this earth. Thank you and God Bless Bodie
Moments Bodie It’s in the sound, it’s in the click It’s in the way the lyrics fall The way the note just seems to lay Between the lines and what they say It’s in the way she looks at me And in the way I feel her touch A certain look that cooling breeze The perfect sunset the gentle squeeze I know it must be make believe The moment she makes love to me I keep the moment and the touch The moments that I love so much The country rose that special song That one sunrise that brings you hope A special touch that give you chills Those special moments that life fulfills
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