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Hide Me In Wide Sleeves
A woman pauses in her life, speaking to a friendly soul and coming to a decision.
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Teresa Huddleston-Garcia
Teresa Huddleston-Garcia
August 13, 2007
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Story behind the song
This poem came from one of the many long talks with one that goes by the public name Ayunishi, and was a combination of aggravated vent and simultaneous inspiration.
Hide Me In Wide Sleeves Something calls to me Stirring my blood. Calling deep within, A rising flood. I am ancient and tired Tucking my face Into a strong shoulder Drifting in place. Longing is familiar An old friend That follows around Every twisted bend. Years of spent blood, Sweat, and tears Questioned in a moment By picked up fears. Hide me in wide sleeves. Let me rest awhile. Body and spirit sore, Can't go another mile. The water is freezing As it covers my back Won't respond. Taking no more flack. He's not walked here Beneath what I bear, Not upon my path That I can't share. Hide me in wide sleeves As the flute music plays. I can't give up that Bought with long days. Hoarding my memory, Retaining my power, I listen to my sensei. I refuse to cower. I won't heedlessly cast away My pearls before the swine. I know what I have done, I am not blind. I will not bow meekly down Before one who calls And disbelieving mocks what I Won through darkened halls. Hide me in wide sleeves Where I can find rest. I have your Pearl in my hand, And await your crest. The fire burns deep in my heart Within the water churns and foams Waiting to be tamed And aches within my bones. My sensei is right I must choose the flame to feed. I cut ties that somehow formed Based upon the outsider's need. What I have learned is sacred. Hard won fruit gained with pain. I can't expect a stranger To see past veils profane. I turn to you as I ebb Hearing your softened voice. Lay me down in bamboo groves I have made my choice. Hide me in wide sleeves. Halt the flute for but a while. While another is standing guard, Drive away debates of style. October 25, 2006
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