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I've Had Sex In Strange Places
A little ditty about the odd places one can choose to, as Nike says, 'Just Do It'. A parody of Garth Brooks' 'Friends In Low Places'.
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Red Ant lyrics and vocals
2007 Jack "Red Ant" Fletcher
July 27, 2007
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Story behind the song
Apologies (well, not really) for me not sounding a whole hell of a lot like Garth Brooks. A rerecording will be posted soon: I figure a fifth of whiskey will help me sound more like Garth.
Nailed her up on your roof You ask for the proof?... The shingles caught her pubic hair Defiled a Yugo Its engine was blown I got off, but the car's beyond repair I was 8 miles high Flyin' the friendly skies I noticed this cute flight attendant... Since I seldom flew I guess I never knew Exactly what 1st-class service meant!.... Yeah, I've had sex in strange places From the little towns to bars in Vegas Show girls displayed Need to get paid! Yeah, I'm not big on girls with braces Worse than getting laid on a bed o' razors! Oh, I've had sex ... in strange places I've done it in parks Inside of K-Mart Aisle 6 of the grocery store I've rode 'em at night Broads in broad daylight Got a pole-in-one at the golf course Hell, I didn't mean To cause a big scene When we were a-rockin' Big Ben Remember the shock The looks from the cops When my c(l)ock struck ten?!... Yeah, I've had sex in strange places... From the White House lawn to gas... stations I filled her up In my monster truck! Yeah, I've throw down in 'grave' locations On the washing machine (she liked the rotations!) Oh, I've had sex ... in strange places Yeah, I've had sex in strange places I altar-ed a nun in the church basement Confessed my sins -- Then did 'er again! Well, I'm not big in science races 'cause I froze my nuts in cryogenic stasis! Yeah, I've had sex ... in strange places
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